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Golden beauty box
Olio Concentrato Nutrimento Sublime - Crema Mani Nutrimento Sublime
Olio, 50 ml - Crema Mani, 75 ml

Cofanetto regalo:

Olio Concentrato Nutrimento Sublime, 50 ml

Crema Mani Nutrimento Sublime, 75 ml

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Glossy beauty box
Shampoo Riparatore - Balsamo Riparatore - Beauty Notebook
Shampoo, 75 ml - Balsamo 75 ml

Cofanetto regalo:

Shampoo Riparatore, 75 ml

Balsamo Riparatore, 75 ml

Beauty Notebook, 9×14 cm

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Diva beauty box
Olio Densificante Botufiller + Shampoo Densificante Botufiller
Olio, 50 ml - Shampoo, 75 ml

Cofanetto regalo:

Olio Densificante Botufiller, 50 ml

Shampoo Densificante Botufiller, 75 ml

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